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What Can A Dentist Do For TMJ? 

TMJ disorder

Temporomandibular joint- undoubtedly a heavy name with a heavy condition, which requires urgent attention. This joint acts as a sliding hinge, which connects your skull to the jawbone. Dysfunction of this process tends to create complications in your eating habits. If not treated at the right time, it might result in significant health problems, which include chronic inflammation and pain. Some of the notable dental problems that come to the forefront include bite issues as well as tooth erosion and sleep apnea due to the pain. A dentist equally plays a pivotal role in treating your TMJ pain as your jawbone if affected will affect your teeth as well. Come let’s discover the ways a dentist can help you cure TMJ disorder. 

More About TMJ Disorder   

The temporomandibular joint is one of the major bones, which is responsible for connecting your jawbone to the skull. TMJ disorder leads to pain in your jaw joint and you face difficulty in eating and affects your chewing behavior largely, Some of the notable symptoms of TMJ disorder includes the following:

  • Jaw tenderness and pain
  • Difficulty in chewing while having solid food 
  • Constant facial pain due to misalignment of jawbone
  • TMJ disorder often tends to lock your joints, which makes it difficult to open or close your mouth. 
  • Sometimes you can also experience a clicking sound in your joints, which is a clear indication of TMJ disorder. 

Certain risk factors are associated with TMJ disorder. One of the leading risks associated with this dysfunction includes long-time grinding of teeth. Apart from this, one might also get connective tissue diseases, which affect the TMJ largely. 

How A Dentist Can Treat TMJ Pain

When you suffer from TMJ disorder, you likely have an affected jawbone. In this context, it is imperative that you also need to consult a dentist. A dentist is responsible for the provision of medications in the initial phase. Firstly, a dentist is most likely to evaluate your condition and then look into the dysfunctional jaw to prescribe suitable solutions. For instance, dentists often tend to prescribe a splint or a TMJ mouthguard, which initially helps you. However, it is not enough. Furthermore, they provide you with customized treatment options following your oral health condition. 

Hot, Cold Therapy

A very common home remedy, which dentists tend to prescribe to ease your TMJ pain tends to include the use of hot, or cold therapy. Ice is considered helpful for reducing swelling and pain. On the other hand, using hot therapy will help you increase your blood flow, which would help you relax your jaw muscles effectively. fr this, dentists tend to ask you to apply a hot or cold compress to your jaws every 15-20 minutes to reduce the pain. 

Learning Relaxation Techniques

Dentists are often found to suggest some muscle relaxation techniques, which help in reducing the pain. However, TMJ disorder requires urgent medical attention, but the use of these relaxation techniques is considered helpful. The following are the muscle relax edition exercises, which are recommended:

  • Relaxed jaw exercise, where you rest your tongue gently on top of your mouth while relaxing jaw muscles. 
  • Goldfish exercise, which involves arterial opening of your jaw. It is done by placing your tongue on the roof and one finger in front of your ear, where the TMJ is located.
  • Chin tucks, where you need to oil your chin straight back, creating a double chin.  

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