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Root Canal Therapy in Prosper, Tx

Root Canal Therapy in Prosper

Root Canals in Prosper, TX

Root canal therapy can often save teeth with nerve or root infections. A toothache is an unpleasant reminder that your teeth are made up of more than just enamel and gums. They are intricately formed body parts with hard substance layers protecting a delicate core. Teeth are not bones, so they will not heal on their own. Each tooth has a collection of nerves and blood vessels in the center that provide nutrients and sensation. If your teeth are in good condition, you won’t have to worry about this.

However, tooth pain alerts you to a problem. Pain indicates that something is wrong. It is the small bundle of nerves and vessels inside your tooth that alarms you when they are irritated, damaged, or under attack.

The longer you go without a filling, the deeper a cavity decays, which can eventually decay to the inner nerves. If Dr. Adrian determines that the nerve will not recover or that an infection exists, root canal treatment may be recommended.