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Why Are Traditional Metal Braces A Great Choice?

Traditional Metal Braces A Great Choice

Why Are Traditional Metal Braces A Great Choice?


Everyone desires a beautiful smile with straight teeth, which is an aspect only a few people are naturally born with. However, we provide treatment from the best Orthodontist in Prosper, TX. You can get your personalized treatment, and our professionals will help you select the best type of braces to correct your specific orthodontic problem. 

What Are Metal Braces?

When you hear the word “braces”, you possibly think of metal braces. This system of brackets and wires straightens your teeth by applying gentle pressure. It is also known as “traditional braces”. They have existed for a decade and are still a top choice. Today you get different options such as gold, metal, or ceramic brackets. You can also select different colors to make it a fun and colorful experience. Call us now to get all the information you need to make the right decision. Below are a few reasons why traditional metal braces are the best choice.

  1. They Are Effective Treatment For Tough Cases

Traditional braces are still the most effective solution for different orthodontic issues. Depending on your dental requirements, invisible aligners won’t be the best choice as they can’t fix every problem. If you have dental work done, such as dental bridges, it will prevent you from using Invisalign. Traditional braces allow the correction of the alignment of your teeth down to the individual shifts of each tooth. Traditional braces can correct:

  • Misalignment
  • Gaps between the teeth
  • Overcrowding
  • Protruding teeth
  • Underbites
  • Overbites
  • Crossbites
  1. You Cannot Remove Traditional Braces

Traditional braces are fixed during the entire treatment. They are worry-free and can only be removed by your orthodontist. You will have to occasionally visit our orthodontist in Prosper, TX, to make sure they are tight so they can effectively move your teeth. Aligners are removable, you can eat, brush, floss, etc. However, it might risk slowing down the treatment if you don’t wear it enough.

  1. Metal Braces Are Perfect For Any Age

A few options for teeth straightening such as Invisalign are not available for children. That’s why traditional braces are the perfect choice for every age. They have been around for decades and are a tried-and-true method for straightening teeth that have made their mark as a top option for aligning teeth. 

  1. Traditional Braces Tend To Be More Affordable

Orthodontic treatments can be expensive sometimes. However, traditional braces cost less and are more cost-effective. As traditional braces are fixed and not removable, you won’t lose them. If you lose a set of aligners, you will have to replace them, which will make the treatment more expensive. Traditional braces get a bad reputation because of the metal wires and brackets which may look tacky. They also hurt your mouth and aren’t as advanced as something like Invisalign. Yet, people are getting traditional braces used now more than ever before. They are a proven technology and can be done without breaking the bank. Call us or schedule an appointment for your metal braces with the best Orthodontist in Prosper, TX.

Orthodontist In Prosper, TX.

It is always important to have an orthodontic consultation done before deciding which type of braces is best for you. Contact us or book an appointment with an Orthodontist in Prosper, TX.

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