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Common Emergency Pediatric Dental Issues

Common Emergency Pediatric Dental Issues

Emergencies can occur anytime and cannot be foreseen. If your child has chipped, broken, or knocked out teeth, you need to take them to the pediatric dentist in Prosper, TX, to save their tooth and ensure a quick recovery. Following are the most common emergency pediatric dental Issues.

Common Emergency Pediatric Dental Issues


  1. Knocked-Out Tooth

Parents are always worried about their children tripping or falling, which may knock out their teeth. If this happens to your child, you need to know how to treat a knocked-out tooth. First, try to control the bleeding, then locate the tooth. Avoid touching the roots of the tooth and hold it by the crown. Clean it with warm water to remove the dirt or debris. Avoid using soap or any chemicals, and don’t wrap it up. Place the tooth in the socket or store it in milk. Avoid putting the tooth in water. Visit the emergency pediatric dentist in prosper, TX, to restore your child’s tooth.

  1. Loose Tooth

Sometimes your child’s tooth can be loose without being knocked out. If it is a baby tooth, it will fall off eventually. However, if it is a permanent tooth, you need to get to the pediatric dentist right away. A good pediatric dentist in Prosper, TX, will take x-rays to ensure no damage is done to the bone that holds the tooth.

  1. Chipped, Cracked, Or Fractured Tooth

Your child may face chipped or cracked teeth due to poor oral hygiene or due to some form of trauma. Regardless of the reason, a chipped or fractured tooth requires immediate dental care. To ensure your child’s tooth will be saved, you can make them swish their mouth with clean water. If there is swelling, you can place a cold compress on the cheek. If you find the tooth fragment, you can preserve it and bring it to the emergency pediatric dentist in Prosper, TX.

  1. Injuries to Lips, Cheek, Or Tongue

If your child experiences an injury to their lips, cheek, or tongue, make sure to get the appropriate treatment with the pediatric dentist in Prosper, TX. However, before going to the dentist, you can use a few methods to help your child right away. You can apply pressure to the wound with a clean cloth or bandage. Make sure your hands are clean before touching the affected area and wash your hands after treating the wound.

If the injury is on the lips or the outside of your child’s mouth, you can use soap or water to clean the wound once the bleeding stops. Avoid scrubbing the wound to remove the dirt or debris. Let cool water run over the wound, which will clean the wound. However, it is important to remove the dirt away to avoid scarring.

  1. Suspected Broken Jaw

If your child may have broken their jaw, you need to seek immediate medical care. Symptoms of a broken jaw include

  • Bruising or swelling on the chin, lips, or gums
  • Crooked or misshaped jaw
  • Loose teeth
  • Feeling nauseous or vomiting
  • Pain or lump below their ear
  • In extreme cases your child will have trouble breathing, eating, talking, or opening their mouth.

Get your child quickly to an emergency dentist where they can provide medicine to control pain and antibiotics to avoid infections and jaw wiring will be done to keep the jaw secure. In some cases, surgery will be required to reposition the jaw into a proper alignment.

  1. Toothache

There are different reasons for toothache, and it should be taken seriously. If your child has a toothache due to trauma, you need to make sure all the dirt and debris are removed by swishing lukewarm water in their mouth. This will soothe the injured gums and will help the pediatric dentist look at the damage and provide the appropriate treatment.

Emergency Pediatric Dentistry In Prosper, TX

If your child faces any of the dental issues mentioned above, contact us immediately! At Prosper Smile Studio, we ensure that your child will receive quick treatment for their dental emergency. Our experts will make your child feel comfortable and ensure they receive the best care possible. Book an appointment or visit our dental office in Prosper, TX, to provide your child with immediate relief, with the best emergency dental care.

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